Vintage Booth

Funky Booth

Modern Classic Booth

Can this booth print photos on the day?

Yes the Vintage Booth has an integral printer within the unit that prints copies straight away. You can have multiple copies to take away or put into a signing book.

How much space does it take up at a venue?

The floor space required for the Vintage Booth is approximately 2.2 metres x 2 metres and a power source is needed close by.

Can we have digital copies of the photos?

Yes of course! After the event all the photos will be uploaded to an online gallery that you and your friends can download in high resolution for free.

Can you stay for longer at my event?

Yes, you can have the booth for as long as you want, just contact me for a more detailed quotation.

Can this booth work in an open with no power?

Yes, this is the benefit of this booth as it has an integral peer source making it perfect for tented marquee weddings in country fields.

Does this booth have a background?

No, this booth is a more open air experience and captures the fun and environment of your party. This makes it more versatile and takes up much less space than a traditional photo booth.

Do I get access to my images that it takes.

The Funky Booth will text or email you your images straight away (subject to local wifi availability) and all the images taken will be available to download and share from an online gallery later on.

Does the Funky Booth come with props?

Yes, the Funky Booth will be supplied with a set of props for you and your guests to use. Some clients prefer not to use props but this is a personal choice for you.

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